Hand-Made Typography

Hand drawn typographic posters. First is my own autoportrait with true informations about me (i just deleted my PIN, sorry). Second is tribute to my favourite female rock singers.

GE Olympiada

HTC fans

Favored work for HTC company: offical fan page webdesign.

Uwaga Chewbacca

Visual style for exibition Uwaga Chewbacca. This exibiton was presenting photos from Czech+Poland photgrapher workshop. The name of exibiton is just nonsenese. Posters were first printed, after the colored with green a purple marker (yea, its soooo cheeeap and punk).

Vecturbo: Diamond Edition

Decorative posters for interior. Combination of Photoshop and Illustrator work.

Fidentia Font

Original, strict font with long ascenders and descenders. Inspirated primarly by antiquas from 19th century and art deco typefaces. Fidentia is in latin selfconfident. Fidentia contains classic types like oblique, bold, sans serif and also more exotic like cyberpunk and techno variations.


Logotyp for ghost horror movie Séance. Whole visual style included movie titles, webdesign, posters, DVD authoring, DVD package design…

Various logotypes

Selection of some classic commercial logotypes.

I Am the Doorway

Official and nonoffical posters for short horror movie Im the Doorway. Part of complete visual graphic style (webdesign, titles…). Screenplay is based on Stephen King story, fear me! Fear me!

Art Kino

Art Kino is my bachelor work. I made original corporate identity, types, movie posters etc. Everything in one style, drawned with marker. Sustainable design, everything cheap, low-buget, black&white, but large formats and effective